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Arlek1 Creation is a ‘fashion clothing company’ customised, who draw his inspiration. from different cultures all over the world...
This brand was established in 2008, born from the knowledge and the work of a young fashion designer, how has been following the philosophical way of ‘do it yourself',
All pieces, items and accessories are made in France, handcrafted in limited series in the Arlek1 Workshop based in Brittany.
Our creations mixed subtly different colours, shapes and textiles to bring life to the products with a personal touch... all things are hand sewn with high quality materials...
Take a look on our E@shop, you will find heaps of skirt, dress. sarouels, tunics, trousers and items already available...
We are also able to design cloths to your specific needs, any enquiry or order from yourself such as fancy dress, or costumes, pillow cases...
Contact us, helpful and easy going staff, quick reply guaranteed...

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